How do high intensity intervals work?

 How do high intensity intervals work?

If you are hoping to speed up the weight and fat loss processes, you will want to consider the use of High Intensity Interval Training (known by many as HIIT). This is a way of working out that increases the body’s endurance levels, boosts fat burning, increases the metabolic rate, and creates a tremendous amount of muscle mass and strength.

It does so by asking you to go flat out, at your highest rate of effort for as long as you can, and then allows you to coast for a while during a bit of a relaxed session. This is probably familiar to those who have done things like spinning or biking in fitness classes, but the new “spin” on high intensity intervals is to incorporate plyometric or “explosive” movement too.

What it provides is an amazing amount of strength and endurance that just seems to get better and better – as long as you give it all you have got with every workout. It burns maximum calories and increases the metabolic rate, and is why so many people seeking to lose those last five or ten pounds begin using high interval training.

A basic routine would look like this:

Day One – High intensity running that uses a 30 second sprint at maximum output and a minute and a half of jogging. You repeat the two minute circuit 20 times or over the course of 40 minutes, and call it a day.

Day Two – High intensity cycling uses a similar pattern of 45 seconds of bike sprints followed by one minute and 15 seconds of recovery. This is done for 50 minutes.

Day Three – High intensity jump rope uses the one minute of high energy jumping and then a 30 second resting phase. This is done for 40 minutes.

Day Four – High intensity explosive movement that features 30 seconds of burpees, 30 seconds of squat jumps, and 30 seconds of rest. Then a second circuit of lunges, line jumps, and resting occurs. This is done for 40 minutes.

Day Five – A combination workout that uses 30 minutes on a bike and thirty minutes of running. The same 30 second sprint and one and half minute slower pace applies for both phases of this workout.

Yes, it is intense, but if you are ready to take your body to the next level, and to lose weight for good, this is the routine to use.  Also try my new Audio Workout Programs, where I guide you through very effective high intensity interval workouts.

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