Reasons To Exercise Every Day, But Not Necessarily At The Gym

You don’t have to live in Calgary, Canada, to exercise in the gym with me. You can do it remotely. Some people love doing it every day and avoid monotony by switching workouts. For most people, doing three of those intense workouts a week is enough but that doesn’t mean you sit it out on the couch the rest of the week. Doing something active daily helps you stay fit and reach your fitness goals quickly. If your workout is intense, always take it easier the next day.

It takes time after an intense workout for muscles to recover.

You shouldn’t work the same muscles at peak intensity every day. The muscles need rest to heal. That doesn’t mean you hit the couch or stay in bed. Instead, you do active recovery. Active recovery includes things like walking, riding a bike, or swimming. You’re still moving but not stressing the muscles as much. That movement helps boost circulation, flushes out toxins from exercise, and brings muscle-healing nutrients to the area.

Doing something every day but making it something different helps prevent injury.

Carve out a specific time to do something active daily, but not necessarily at the gym. It creates a habit that’s hard to break. One day may be working out with me remotely, but the next day, it’s taking a walk or swimming. On the third day, you go back to remotely exercising with me. Doing it at the same time daily establishes a habit that’s hard to break. You’re getting exercise, but it isn’t repetitious. Switching it around helps prevent plateauing.

You can improve your health with less active pursuits that still require additional energy.

If you love gardening, do it. Not only will getting out in the sun and next to the soil help you relax and revitalize, but the extra energy you expend can help you lose weight and get fit. If you love calisthenics and workouts, you can do them daily, but remember to switch out routines and work on different body areas. That allows the muscles to heal.

  • Listen to your body if you’re doing intense workouts daily, even if you’re switching the areas of the body you work. Overworking your body can cause an elevated heart rate, depression, a decreased immune system, and other problems.
  • If your workout is at a light to moderate pace, you can do it daily. The problem only occurs when you push yourself to the maximum intensity. It stresses your body and increases cortisol levels.
  • If you’re building muscles, real progress is made during recovery. That’s when the body heals the micro tears in the muscles and builds muscle tissue and strength.
  • Finding ways to increase your activity even when it’s not exercise time helps you speed up progress. Take a walk and eat lunch in the park instead of driving to a restaurant. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Every extra calorie you burn helps.

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