Looking For A Chiseled Physique

Getting a chiseled physique isn’t impossible, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy either. However, we have clients right here in Baltimore, MD that once looked like you and now have that chiseled appearance everyone wants. It takes time and effort to get the look you want, but it’s all worth it. It can be a huge goal if you’re completely out of shape, but it can be made manageable by breaking it down to smaller, easier to achieve goals.

It starts with a healthy diet.

You might think that getting the chiseled look begins with working out. If you’re already eating healthy and are of the appropriate weight, that might be true. However, most people that I see aren’t. Building muscles requires the right building blocks to achieve the look. Not only that, but no matter how strong your core and abs are, they simply won’t show if you’re out of shape. People often think you can exercise off the weight, but you can’t out-exercise bad eating habits. When you shed body weight, it comes off the whole body, not just the places you spot exercise. Shedding extra pounds is important.

Exercising is the next step to the chiseled appearance.

You need a total body workout to be your healthiest. Getting the V-chiseled appearance comes from working core muscle and developing lower abdominal strength. You also have to work on more than just your abs, you need upper body definition and bulk. Not everyone is the same, so laying out a precise program that fits every person’s body is impossible. There are a multitude of strength and muscle building exercises, such as crunches, planks, push-ups, bridges and lunges that build the muscles you need for the chiseled appearance.

Losing weight and building muscle mass at the same time can be tough.

Strength training is important. It helps build muscle mass, while also burning calories. When you’re losing weight, but also want to build muscle tissue, some of the traditional weight loss techniques need to be put to the side. Running, for instance, is often thought of as a calorie burner and it is. However, the calories it burns come from both fat and muscle tissue, so you end up losing more muscle.

  • For those who are overweight and out of shape, breaking down the goal of getting chiseled into smaller, easier to achieve goals is important. It helps keep you motivated with success along the way.
  • As a trainer, I continually adjust your workout and create new ones. Using the same workout continuously can cause plateauing and not address all the muscle tissue. Plus, it can be boring.
  • When you’re building muscle tissue and trying to lose weight at the same time, eating adequate high quality protein is important.
  • Healthy fat also needs to be part of your diet. It’s necessary for a healthy body, provides energy and can keep you feeling fuller longer.

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