Should You Eat More Often For Weight Loss?

There are a multitude of theories on weight loss. Some believe that eating within a specific time window, called intermittent fasting, can boost weight loss. Others believe if you eat more often, it helps you lose weight. Each person is different, so both weight loss techniques may work depending on the person. Some studies show that eating smaller meals more frequently can benefit some people who want to lose weight. There are documented reasons it may help.

Small meals several times a day cuts out snacking.

If you break each meal down into two or three smaller meals and eat six to eight times daily, you don’t have any room for snacking. That cuts out 200 to 300 extra calories you might otherwise eat per day. At the end of three weeks, that’s enough calorie savings to lose an extra pound or two. In other words, you cut your calorie count by consuming only what you would in three meals and not including snacks but you’d still have food at snack time.

Some believe that smaller meals throughout the day keep your metabolism higher.

There are conflicting studies on whether eating several smaller meals keeps your metabolic fires burning higher, or whether it makes no difference. Original studies showed it helped weight loss. The theory was that the loss occurred because it kept digestive organs constantly working, burning additional calories. Recent studies show it doesn’t have any effect on metabolism or even on hunger.

Does that mean intermittent fasting is better than multiple small meals?

Studies show you eat less when you try to eat everything in an eight or ten-hour window. However, it doesn’t mean you aren’t hungry during the hours when you don’t eat. Eating smaller meals more frequently addresses any issues of hunger. You’re always eating. Do you eat less? That’s not necessarily true either. It’s all about the total calories consumed and burned throughout the day.

  • One of the best ways to lose weight is to eat healthy, nutritious meals and make good choices. Eat a piece of fruit instead of a fruitcake. Have a baked potato instead of fries. Making small changes boosts nutrition and reduces calories.
  • If you want the best method of weight loss, try each one. Each person is different. One way may work better for you. What’s important is the quality of the food you eat. Avoid food with added sugar and highly processed food.
  • One of the easiest ways to eat smaller meals more frequently is to plan three meals for the day and break them down into several smaller meals.
  • You’ll stay full longer if you include healthy fat, quality protein, and fiber in your meal plan. All three provide benefits for the body that aid in weight loss.

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