Best Time Of Day To Workout For Maximum Results

Everyone has a different opinion about the best time to get maximum results from your workout. Some people believe that it boosts your metabolism when you start your day with exercise. Others say exercising at lunch can keep you focused and motivated for the rest of the day. If you have a horrible day, exercising after work refreshes you. There are good reasons for working out at different times. When is the best time? The time you’ll exercise consistently.

You’ll burn more fat when you workout in the morning.

That sounds inviting. Who doesn’t want to burn more fat? How does that happen? When you’ve slept all night, you’ve fasted. It’s how breakfast got its name. It’s the meal that breaks the fast. Working out on an empty stomach forces your body to burn fat for energy. The problem may be that you’ll hit the wall mid-workout. Your body may have used the store of glycogen in the muscles, leaving you too tired to finish. People who train for an endurance contest need to train from noon or later after they had a chance to eat a full meal.

You’re a night owl and not an early bird.

Some people take longer for their bodies to warm up and get moving. If you’re constantly pushing the snooze button and can’t talk until you’ve had two cups of coffee, working out in the morning isn’t for you. If you run out of day before you run out of tasks and you never know when you’ll have a free minute once the day starts, working out in the morning before it starts is best. Switching your circadian rhythm takes effort and a strict sleep schedule, but you can do it.

Some exercises require warmed muscles.

The longer you’re up and moving, the more your muscles warm. As you sleep, your body temperature drops and functions slowly. You have to have activity to get that temperature to rise. The testosterone and growth hormones required for muscle repair and building aren’t at their peak in the early a.m. They’re at their lowest and rise throughout the day. Early morning isn’t ideal if you’re trying to build muscles. You’ll be better later in the day.

  • Your muscles are warmer the later you workout so there’s less potential for injury. If you’re working out early in the morning, spending a few extra minutes warming up can be helpful.
  • The most important factor when choosing your exercise time is choosing a time when you’ll consistently be able to exercise. Working out at the same time each day builds a habit that’s hard to break.
  • If you workout at noon before you eat lunch, make your lunch a combination of protein and carbs. It can be something as light as an apple and peanut butter or a bigger lunch like a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread.
  • Working out after work can help alleviate stress. Stress can affect your health, keep you up at night, and cause weight gain. Luckily, you can workout any time of day with my programs. Just be sure to be consistent.

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