Which Cardio Workouts Burn Maximum Calories?

There are many cardio workouts. All of them increase the calories you burn and help you build your endurance. Some do a better job. If you’re trying to lose weight, it makes sense to find ones that burn maximum calories. If you’re spending the time, why not get the maximum benefits from your exercise? For example, walking is a cardio exercise that burns calories, but not as many as you burn when you run.

Running torches calories and even more at maximum intensity.

It’s all about how much you exert yourself when you run. If you’re running at a steady-state pace, you won’t burn as many calories as you would running at maximum exertion. The problem is that nobody can go at maximum intensity for very long. That’s why you should modify the way you run. You can use HIIT—high intensity interval training. It’s not a type of exercise but a way to modify any exercise to improve results. Run at peak intensity for a minute or less and then slow the intensity to a recovery pace for the same time or slightly longer. Then go back to maximum intensity. Keep alternating the speed to torch more calories. You’ll burn 20 to 30% more calories than ordinary running.

Bicycling and water sports come in second and third.

Most people have never played water polo or even know what it is. It’s a team sport that’s similar to soccer that’s played in the water. It burns fewer calories than running and more calories than bicycling. Like running or any other aerobic workout, you have to bicycle at a higher intensity to get the maximum calorie-burning benefits. You can also modify bicycling with HIIT to increase the calories you torch.

Follow my videos for calisthenics that torch calories.

Doing traditional exercises burns as many calories as bicycling. You can do traditional workouts or create circuit training by doing several of them together, keeping the rest between sets short. My sessions combine these exercises to torch calories and keep your body burning more calories even after the session ends. The fitter you get, the more calories you’ll burn because you’ve increased your muscle tissue.

  • You don’t have to run to get benefits. You can jump rope. Jumping rope burns 100 fewer calories per half hour than running, but you can increase that by increasing the pace or lifting your knees higher.
  • Gym equipment like a rowing machine or stationary bike also burns calories. The stationary bike doesn’t burn as many calories as traditional bicycling. It burns 30 calories less per half hour.
  • Just go dancing. Aerobic dance is another calorie torcher. It can be anything from ballroom dancing to belly dancing. Turn up the music in your living room and dance to fast songs to get a complete aerobic workout.
  • Casual swimming, hiking, and jogging are in the top 12 calorie burners. While all burn about half the amount as running, they’re still great calorie burners. Swimming is a low-impact workout that won’t stress your joints.

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