Working Out With Tires

Working out with tires has become extremely popular at boot camps and gyms across the country. There’s several reasons why this trend has caught on with people. It’s a great break from traditional workouts. The tires are really impressive looking to start with and it’s a great change of pace. It’s actually fun, but provides great strength training that increases functional fitness and works muscles in different ways. Just lifting one of those giant tires can make you feel great.

You don’t have to lift the tire to get benefits from using it.

For this activity, you need a larger tire that won’t tip. Stand in the center of the tire and jump up, landing on the tire’s edge with both feet. This exercise is like a box jump, but uses a tire that’s more cushioned, yet also makes it harder to maintain balance. You can use it for step ups and one legged jumps, too. It works your lower body and also works your core, since it’s not as stable as a box. You’ll burn tons of calories with this one.

The tire flip is what most people imagine when talking about working out with tires.

While most people don’t have a tire in their homes and use them outside, this workout almost requires you go outside to do it, even if your tire is your favorite focal point in decorating. It’s flipping the tire, which is what people normally envision when they consider working out with tires. This exercise requires you have a tire that matches your strength. Simply squat, then lift the tire, holding on to the bottom so you can flip it. It works the whole body.

Do a bench dip with a tire as your bench.

You can do a bench dip and decline push-up using a tire as your bench. For the bench dip, starting position has you facing the opposite direction of the tire with arms behind you and feet out in front half your body length. Lower your body as you bend at the elbow until they’re bent at a 90 degree angle and your bottom almost touches the ground. Lift your body back up. For a decline push-up, simply do the push-up with your feet up on the tire, so they’re higher than your head.

  • Remember how heavy your temporary spare tire felt when you lifted it from the trunk, yet those only weigh about 25 pounds. Now compare that to the weight of a larger truck tires that starts at 200 pounds and upward to 600 pounds for tractor tires.
  • If you choose to use a tire for working out, check out tire stores and farm supply stores that sell tires. They have to get rid of the old tires somewhere, so you might be able to get one cheap or even free.
  • Marching toe touches use the tire to tap your toe as you march in position. Lift one foot, tap and place it back on the ground, then lift the other foot and tap. Do this one as fast as you can. It’s all about speed.
  • If the novelty of tire exercises wears off and you don’t want to do them anymore, don’t worry. Tractor tires can become a sandbox or a raised garden. You can even make it part of an obstacle course in your yard.

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