Why Exercise Boosts Your Mood And Energy

If you’ve ever worked out when you were stressed and found it made you feel better, you understand why therapists use exercise to help treat depression and anxiety. It can lift your mood and even boost your energy. When you exercise, it burns off the hormones of stress, which helps you feel better quickly. It also does one more thing. It causes a release of endorphins, which are chemicals that can improve your mood and make you feel good again. It makes even more changes to help keep your mood improved.

If you’re getting adequate sleep but still feel tired, maybe you need to exercise.

If you feel tired all the time, it can make you feel crabby, too. That’s another area where exercise helps. When you exercise, you increase circulation sending nutrients and oxygen to every cell of the body. That gives you more energy. Rather than taking a quick nap, it may be more productive and energizing to take a quick walk. Exercise also helps you sleep better at night and the quality of your sleep can determine how rested you feel.

Try working out to one of my videos when you feel tired and see if it makes a difference.

Aerobic exercise gets your body moving. Studies show that aerobic workouts are the best depression fighters. It doesn’t have to be intense exercise, but the more intense it is and the harder your body works, the more “happy hormones” the body makes. These hormones, the endorphins provide the body with a natural way of dealing with pain and act similar to morphine. They give you a sense of well-being.

Strength training shouldn’t be neglected, either.

In most studies on the effect of exercise and depression, aerobic exercise was used. However, one study found that a ten-week strength training program could be beneficial. In the study, they used stroke survivors who showed signs of depression, divided into two groups, one who did strength training and one who didn’t. The group that did strength training showed marked improvement. It was more than just the physical part of the exercise that helped, it was the mental accomplishment and taking control over their body and life.

  • Exercise can help your posture. You’ll walk taller and look more confident. When you look more confident, people treat you that way and the Pygmalion effect takes over and you begin to feel confident.
  • If you’re feeling tired and noticing mood changes, always check with your health care professional first to make sure there’s no physical reason for the problem. Also check to make sure you can safely start a program of exercise.
  • If stress is causing you to feel frustrated and depressed, it can also be what’s causing your exhaustion. Instead of looking to pharmaceuticals, consider trying exercise as a treatment.
  • Besides lack of sleep and lack of exercise, other things can cause you to feel tired and effect your mood. Mild dehydration and a poor diet are just two of those. Try drinking 8 glasses of water a day and cut out sugar to see if it helps.

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