The Healthy Mom

A lot of people in Calgary, Canada, have asked why I work so hard to help people get into shape. My response is that only a healthy mom can be at her best for the family. She has to be fit to have all the energy necessary to keep up with the busy schedule. Getting fit isn’t just about looking great, although that’s a happy side effect. It’s about feeling your best and flying through daily tasks with ease, so you have time for yourself and your family. Being healthy is the biggest gift you can give to yourself and your family.

Healthy moms not only have more energy, they have more time.

We’ve all been there. You’re totally dragged out and exhausted. Everything takes five times longer than it should. That may be how you feel every day. It isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. You were born with the potential to be energetic and get the most out of life. When you’re tired, you’re also not at your best with others. Insignificant things can irritate you and you don’t always have the best response. If you’re healthy, you’ll be more apt to go with the flow and show grace even when situations are difficult.

It’s not selfish to take care of yourself.

I hear it all the time. “It’s selfish to take time to exercise when there’s so much to be done.” If that’s your concern, it’s time to change your way of thinking. By exercising and eating healthy, you’re ensuring you’ll be ready when the family really needs you. You’ll have the energy and good health to get tasks finished.

Kids need a role model to live a healthy lifestyle.

Kids learn what they live. If they’re raised on fast foods and a sedentary lifestyle, chances are they’ll live a sedentary lifestyle filled with junk food. When healthy meals are available and an active lifestyle is normal, kids grow up eating healthy and doing things that will keep them healthier. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. There are fun and creative snacks and meals that kids will love. Also, what’s more fun that doing hula hoop contests or even playing hide-and-seek with mom? Living a healthy lifestyle teaches your child to do the same.

  • While a healthy lifestyle may start with a healthy diet and regular exercise, other things are important, too. Getting adequate sleep is one of those things. Have a schedule and stick with it. You’ll all be less stressed.
  • Drinking water throughout the day is a good habit to form. Drinking more water can help you lose weight, while also keep you hydrated, thus reducing fatigue and even preventing a headache.
  • Take time to relax and enjoy quite moments. You don’t have to be on the go constantly to be healthy. You need a time to de-stress and relax. Cuddling together quietly can be a way of bonding.
  • Being healthy includes your mental health. Take a moment every day to identify all the good things in your life and the positive things that happened that day. An attitude of gratitude will keep you healthier.

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