Simple Diet Changes for Quick Weight Loss

A few easy modifications in your diet can lead to quick weight loss.  So, if losing weight is your most pressing goal, take a look at the following suggestions to shed pounds by making some very simple changes. Rather than heading into a complex dietary program that asks you to do things such as counting calories, monitoring daily intake of certain macronutrients (such as fat, protein, or carbs), or other labor intensive tasks, use our simple tips for weight loss:

Cut the sodium – Though an important nutrient in our diet, the amount of sodium that the human body needs is often readily found in the most basic and natural foods we eat. From fruits and vegetables to meats and grains, we can get plenty of sodium without also adding “salt”. The table salt that people eat is usually quite unnecessary and tends to cause the cells to retain water. Cutting the salt habit is often enough for many people to see a weight loss of two or more pounds within a single week.

Cut the sugar – This may seem obvious, but there are many ways that people consume sugar without even knowing it. Sure, it is easy enough to forgo the scoop of sugar in the morning coffee or the scoop of ice cream after dinner, but what about the “hidden sugar”. The world’s food makers are guilty of many things and one of the worst is the reliance on corn syrup and other forms of sugar. You can find it breads, crackers, and other pre-packaged foods. If you want to make a simple change in the diet to help lose weight, start looking for and cutting out all forms of sugar that you find in your daily food choices.

Water and lots of it. Hydration is a big key for weight loss. In fact, the motto to keep in mind is that the “more water in the more fluid out”. This is because your daily water intake is great for helping your body to flush out any stored fluids. So, go for the suggested 64 ounces, stay away from sodium that forces the body to retain fluids, and skip the caffeine. This will help you see at least one or two pounds of weight loss in only a few days’ time.

Know your BMR – This is the total number of calories you need to eat each day to keep your current weight. Just knowing this is often a good way of staying just below it and losing a pound or so per week.

Just use these very easy tips, and you can kick off some safe, and quick weight loss.