Lose Weight Effectively and Safely

How to Lose Weight Effectively

We all want to be fit and trim and we all want a plan for weight loss that doesn’t make us feel like we’ve stopped living. Every year, we see advertisements for new dieting plans that claim they are the secret to success. Then, new ones come out that more people buy into but most people we know who try them end up failing to keep the weight off.

Focus More On Habits Than On Counting Calories Or Checking the Scale

If you dwell on counting calories and are always stepping on the scale, you’re likely to fail in your efforts. These are two activities that are simply too easy to avoid as soon as you are distracted by life even if you aren’t slacking from your diet. Losing weight is about developing lifestyle habits that become part of your day, as opposed to stopping what you’re doing to step on the scale.

Example For Success: A Different Way To Tame the Munchies and Lose Weight Effectively

You may be the type of person who needs to keep his or her hands occupied. It’s not a problem when you’re typing on the computer, but let’s say you stop typing to read something, or you are filing or just doing something that doesn’t occupy your hands. Lots of people eat when this is the case, and they usually eat the wrong things. If you’re convinced you can’t change the habits of your hands, just change what you put in them instead.

Not all healthy munchies are boring. A small mixing bowl with almonds, for example, is a healthy way to occupy your hands. The protein in the almonds, or any nuts or large seeds for that matter, will curb your hunger. You can also munch carrots or celery, two foods that have lots of nutrition but are low on carbs and calories. A bit of natural peanut butter to dunk in won’t sabotage your efforts, either.

Fat Is Not the Enemy

In fact, fat can help fuel your body for the long hall and helps you absorb essential minerals that strengthen different systems and aid in efficient processing of other nutrients. The key is just to stick with mostly unsaturated fats. Nuts and seeds have large amounts of unsaturated fats, which is usually the case with healthy, high-protein foods. So do avocados and raisins, both of which will give you a good energy boost that helps prevent you from snacking on sugary sweets.

Eat Your Carbs With a Good Dose Of Protein

You need to have protein in your blood whenever you take in a big dose of calories and carbohydrates. After a heavy workout, you will crave sugar and may be tempted to munch on sweets.

Your body will release insulin that will pull the sugar from your blood and send it right to your fat cells. But when you add protein to the mix, the sugar gets released to be burned. So you can have some French fries if you’ve had a good workout, just don’t have too many. Have a small portion and have the burger with them. Meatless burgers are high in protein and can complement your French fries well if you choose not to eat meat.

Remember That You’re Losing Weight To Feel Alive

Build your eating habits for real life and you’ll be more likely to succeed in losing the weight you want to lose and stay healthy while doing it. You are losing weight to improve the quality of your life, not to make yourself wish you were dead so you could skip your diet.