Focus On “Happy” Not “Perfect”

People in Calgary, Canada, work out for many reasons. Most of them are health and fitness-related. While working out is good, an obsession with having the perfect body isn’t, especially if it sucks the joy out of your life. When you work out and make progress, you should be happy and proud of your progress. Don’t get upset because you’re not perfect. Nobody is perfect.

Being happy with who you are doesn’t mean you don’t try to be the best you.

Nobody is perfect. We’re all unique and beautiful creatures. Some are taller than others. Some are bigger-boned. Everyone has imperfections that make them the unique special person they are. No matter how much you work out, you’ll never be perfect. The better you get, the more you’re capable of improving even more. Trying to be perfect is an endless race and if that’s your goal, you’ll never be happy.

Getting fit is about living a healthier, happier life.

Having the energy to keep up with the kids, try new things, and enjoy life is a reasonable goal. Looking perfect or having a perfect body doesn’t bring the same joy. It’s not achievable. You’ll only end up sad and disappointed because you’ll never have the pleasure of accomplishment. When people set unrealistic goals like being perfect, they often quit before they start. Internally, they sense perfection is impossible, so why start?

If your goal is perfect, you’ll dread every workout.

If you’re a perfectionist, you are probably also a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to starting new projects or you never quite finish a project because it’s impossible to get perfect. You may be spending excess time planning out every step, but never quite get to the first workout. Perfectionism can stop you in your tracks from achieving even the smallest goals. Starting something means risking it won’t end up perfect.

  • While getting started is vital to becoming the best version of yourself and perfectionism can impede that, you still need to focus on form to get it precise. That, however, is an achievable goal.
  • No matter how much weight you have to lose, if you shed a few pounds and have several weeks of success, even if you haven’t reached your final goal, it’s a reason to be happy.
  • Never compare yourself to someone else. Always focus on being the best you. No matter how good or successful you are, someone will always be better. The key is knowing you’ve made progress.
  • If you focus too much and become obsessed with perfection, talk to someone about what you believe perfect is. Make sure you have a realistic view of how much you should weigh and how your body should look.

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