Do You!

Your friend may have told you the only way to get fit is with Zumba. Another friend swears by a candy supplement that helps you shed pounds. Maybe you hate going to the gym or joining in-person classes because you feel uncomfortable. You might feel better using a personal trainer or an online fitness program. Which is best? The best option is the one you’ll do consistently. It’s better to do you and stick with a program than try one that doesn’t work for you, no matter how amazing friends say it is.

There’s no one right way to get to Chicago.

If you live in Canada and want to go to Chicago, there are many ways to get there. Each one will have benefits. Some will be more scenic and less hectic. Others may be faster. Which one is the right one? It’s the one that you take. You’ll be disappointed if you want a scenic drive but only see super highways along the way. If you’re in a time crunch, the extra day a scenic route takes won’t make it right for you. Any goal is like a trip. Once you decide what it is, you have to choose the best way to achieve it and that way is the one that works for you.

Test several fitness programs to see which is best for you.

Sometimes, you know immediately that an exercise program isn’t right for you. Exercise programs like flying yoga or belly dancing fitness aren’t for everyone. Sometimes, things look intriguing, so you want to investigate. Test the waters or do several types of workouts. If you love my DVD downloads use them. You can combine them with other types of fitness classes.

Using a personal trainer can provide the best results.

Even though there’s no perfect method and you have to do you, using a personal trainer is as close to doing both as possible. Trainers create a program designed specifically for your special needs and fitness level. The trainer finds a program you can do that will be tough but still within your capabilities. As you get fitter it will get easier, so the trainer switches it up to match your new fitness level. You’ll never get bored when you use a trainer.

  • You can improve your fitness and get superb exercise doing what you love. Biking, dancing, and walking all make you fitter. Spending time with the kids playing active games can too.
  • When you’re choosing a fitness program, don’t commit to longer ones until you know whether you like it or not. See if you can pay weekly or join for the shortest possible time. Not every class is good for every person.
  • What works for exercise also works for dietary changes. Healthy eating isn’t a specific diet, but making smarter choices at each meal. You choose the healthy food you enjoy.
  • Doing you is also important for setting fitness goals. Choose your own goals. They have to be important to you.

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