The Best Vacation Exercises

Going on vacation is important for the mind, body and soul. It is a great way to experience new places and people and even learn more about yourself. However, traveling can make it difficult to keep your exercise schedule on track, particularly if you can’t get to a proper workout facility. In that case, here are some of the best vacation exercises to do.

Running is a great way to burn calories while experiencing the new areas you are visiting. All you will need is the proper attire and a portable music device if you prefer. Many hotels and resorts have jogging paths, often with scenic views, and running on the beach is an even better workout.

You can keep your core tight without any workout equipment while on vacation. A combination of plank exercises, such as plank jacks, elbow planks, side planks and traditional planks can keep you toned and help you break a sweat in just 15 minutes, even inside your hotel room.

Your body weight is a great tool for a quick workout on vacation. Push-ups, burpees, and a variation of lunges can be done just about anywhere. Add body squats, leg lifts and knee tuck jumps for a high quality workout without the need for any additional equipment.

A new location may be the ideal place to begin yoga or Pilates. Allow a change of scenery to clear your mind and enjoy the surroundings while still offering a quality workout.

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You do not need fancy equipment or a personal trainer to stay on track while on vacation. Use your head and the power of your own body to stay fit and active away from home, no matter where you travel.