Adding Steps To Your Day Can Extend Your Life Span

I’ve had people tell me that they want to start my program, but they’re simply not in good enough shape. Of course, it’s meant for people of all level of fitness and designed so you can start where you’re at and work toward a more difficult level, but always suggest they start where they can, by simply adding steps until they feel more confident to do the workout. Simply adding steps during the day is the start on the road that can extend your life span and if you’re dedicated, will ultimately end with great health and a gorgeous, strong body.

Walking can improve your endurance and boost your energy level.

It can be something as simple as making a conscious effort to walk more, such as walking to lunch, parking further from the store or taking the stairs rather than the elevator. In fact, I always recommend that you live a more active lifestyle, in addition to using my programs of regular exercise. No matter who you are or where you live, there are opportunities to walk more. You don’t need a trainer or any special equipment to start your regimen of walking. If you’re already exercising, it can help you get faster results and improve your overall fitness quicker.

Maximize your benefits from walking.

The brisker your walk, the better. You can even modify walking by turning it into HIIT—high intensity interval training. That’s where you walk at high intensity for a minute or two and then slow down to a recovery pace for an equal amount of time or longer, then back to high intensity, repeating the cycle. As you get fitter, extend the high intensity period. Try to take larger steps and make the walk brisker. Studies show that the longer and brisker the person’s walking stride is, the more potential for a longer life.

Walking is healthy and can help prevent serious conditions.

Osteoporosis can be slowed or even reversed with consistent weight bearing exercises like walking. Walking increases your endurance and is good for your circulation and respiration. However, if you want to be your fittest, you also need strength training and flexibility training. Flexibility training helps prevent injury from doing every day tasks. Strength training helps burn tons of calories, helps build muscle and stronger bones, improves cognitive functioning and boosts metabolism.

  • If you want the best results, you need a minimum of thirty minutes of brisk walking a day. You can break it down to a number of sessions throughout the day, but each should be at least ten minutes.
  • Combining my fitness programs with a program of walking is also a good option. Alternate daily between my programs and walking. It can help reduce the risk of injury by giving muscles a rest.
  • Like any type of exercise, always warm up and cool down. Do warm up stretches before a vigorous walk and slow down your pace at the end as a cool down.
  • Always check with your health care professional first and always start slowly. Don’t expect to walk miles the first day. If you have to, start with a few blocks and gradually work up to longer distances.

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