Why It Is Important To Have A Regular Exercising Schedule?

No matter where you live, Calgary, Canada, or elsewhere, a regular exercising schedule is imperative to maximize the potential of success. It forms a habit and becomes part of your lifestyle that way. Once you develop a habit, they’re pretty hard to shake. If you’ve ever switched jobs after working at one place for a long time and found yourself driving there, instead of your new place of employment, you know what I mean. We all function out of habit, or we’d have to check a list every time we brushed our teeth in the morning or started the car for work.

You need more exercise than just one workout.

It takes time to get the results you want. It doesn’t happen overnight. Visible signs of change come slowly and you simply can’t rush it. It takes a concerted effort that’s consistent, three to four times a week, more if you’re walking or doing milder forms of exercise, to see true change. While you might feel the results more quickly, like noticing more energy or the workout getting easier, you won’t see the results initially. It takes two weeks to see small things like improved posture or even feel more muscle tone. Far longer to see that curvy body you want…but don’t despair, it will come.

Scheduling your workout makes it an appointment.

You probably have your doctor or dentist appointment written down so you won’t miss it, as well as any other important appointment. It’s a reminder to go there or do something. If you don’t schedule a specific time for your workout, you’ll keep putting it off for other things throughout the day. Before you know it, you’ve run out of day, with no time left for exercise! Your health and fitness are too important to allow it to become an “optional” item.

Exercising should be as normal as brushing your teeth in the morning, but it’s not all the picture.

If you’re like most people, you brush your teeth before you leave the house and wouldn’t dream of leaving if you didn’t. That’s how exercise should fit into your day. However, even if you exercise regularly, healthy eating is also important. That’s especially true if you want to lose weight. There’s a saying that you can’t out-exercise an unhealthy diet. Not only is it true for weight loss, since weight loss is all about eating fewer calories than you burn, but it’s also true about your health. Your body needs good fuel to run at its best.

  • Create a workout time that works best for you. Some people find that getting up earlier and working out gives them the burst of energy they need for a productive day. Others like to burn off stress with an after-work exercise session.
  • Track your progress. Winners keep score and so should you. Every time you work out, record it and the number of repetitions. Recording how easy or hard it is will also give you information on your progress.
  • Connect your workout to your present schedule. Do it immediately after work, before you brush your teeth or shower etc. It becomes part of your routine faster.
  • When you work out, don’t forget to include all types of exercise. My video programs do that for you.

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