Snacks That Actually Keep You Full

Many people plan each meal carefully when they’re trying to lose weight, but find it’s tough to get through that mid-morning or mid-afternoon bout with hunger. That’s because they fail to include snacks in their planning. There are snacks that will keep you full, while being lower in calories. Snacks help keep you in control so you don’t wolf down your next meal or fill in the gap with high calorie candies or other impulse snacks.

Make a combo of protein, fiber, fat and carbs.

People who struggle to stabilize blood sugar levels often opt for snacks that help manage the flow of glucose in the bloodstream. A healthy option, like apple slices and peanut butter, provides a now and later boost. The fiber in the apple slows digestion and the absorption of sugar, while the peanut butter has healthy fat and protein to keep you feeling fuller longer.

Avocados can make you feel full, while also tickling your taste buds.

Avocados are high in healthy fat and fiber, so snacks containing them are on the list of those that keep you full. Make it simple. Slice an avocado in half and sprinkle on the hot sauce, then enjoy. It’s about 160 calories, but will help keep you full until supper. You can spread avocado on whole wheat bread, wrap a slice in thinly sliced cucumber, make a quick avocado egg salad for a snack or mix it with roasted pumpkin seeds and spread it on toast.

Make your own trail mix, add nuts to yogurt or make individual serving sizes of nuts.

Just like nut butter, nuts are a good source of protein and fat, which helps you stay fuller longer. You can pack nuts in small individual serving sizes or make a trail mix with a few chips of dark chocolate or some dried fruit. You can also combine it with fresh fruit to mix in yogurt. Berries or cherries are the best type of fruit, but a half a banana can be added to the mix or included separately. You’ll feel fuller hours longer and probably eat less at your next meal.

  • If you have a blender handy, throw some frozen fruit in or fresh veggies and fruit. Add some yogurt to make a creamy drink or freeze it in individual servings for later.
  • Nothing is better than dip and veggies for a treat mid-afternoon. You can grind chickpeas or beans or use yogurt and season it for the dip. One quick recipe uses mashed chick peas, seasoned with garlic hot sauce, salt and pepper.
  • Store purchased microwave popcorn isn’t that healthy and is somewhat expensive. Make your own in a microwave safe dish with a loose lid. Add Parmesan cheese or just salt for a satisfying treat.
  • Boost your energy and feel full for hours by combining toasted oats or wheat germ with peanut butter and honey. Mix in enough of the oats/wheat germ to roll it into balls, then roll the balls in leftover wheat germ.

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