Should I Choose Ground Turkey Or Ground Beef?

Some of America’s favorite meals are made with ground beef, but lately ground turkey has been a top competitor. If you compare both ground beef and ground turkey with the same amount of fat, you’ll see they have the same amount of calories until you get to the most fat free options, then turkey is definitely lower with 117 calories per three ounce serving compared to 95/5% ground beef that has 164 calories per three ounce serving. If you chose ground turkey to lose weight, go with the fat free option.

Comparing protein brings little enlightenment.

If you compare a three ounce serving of 93/7 blend, you’ll get 2 grams more protein with ground beef. When you consider a 85/14 blend, at 24 grams of protein, you get 3 grams more protein in a three ounce serving of beef compared to turkey. If you want more protein and less fat, choose a blend of either beef or turkey with low or no fat. Both have 25 grams of protein. The fat free and low fat option of each are the better with less saturated fat and total fat.

Is weight loss your goal?

Diet plays a huge role when you’re trying to lose weight and that means decreasing your calorie intake, while in some cases, especially if you’re exercising, increasing your protein intake. Food that is high in protein will help you feel fuller longer, which also adds to the weight loss. Choosing the fat free ground turkey will help you shed the most pounds.

Which is best for heart health?

Beef is high in saturated fat, which may increase the risk for heart disease. That makes ground turkey the best choice for those suffering from heart disease or with risk factors for it. Even though higher fat options of both beef and turkey are about the same for fat percentage, turkey still is lower. Always choose the leaner ground options. Blotting each after they’re cooked can also help you reduce the excess fat.

  • Ground beef, no matter what the blend, has more iron and more zinc than ground turkey. It also has more vitamin B12 at every blend level. B12 is important for metabolizing energy.
  • If you want less sodium in your diet, opt for the ground turkey. It has considerably less per thee ounce serving no matter what type of fat blend you get.
  • Are you looking for the option that helps the budget? Ground turkey is far less expensive than ground beef. While plant based protein is still the cheapest option, turkey and chicken are also good.
  • Not all people like the taste of ground turkey and feel they have to add a lot of seasoning to make it more palatable. It’s not a problem unless that seasoning is salt. Consider blending the two until you find a combination that pleases you.

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