10 Ways to Be Phenomenal in Your Weight Loss Success

Weight Loss Success Tips!

1. Be informed.

It.s important to educate yourself on fitness and nutrition. You will you learn more about taking care of your body AND be inspired by the photos of other people. Clip out articles or photos that you find helpful and inspiring and stick them up around your house and workplace to remind you of your goals.  A great tool to assist in your weight loss success.

2. Get a journal and use it.

Journals are a great way to track your good and bad habits in achieving your weight loss goals. Over time you will start to notice trends, see your progress, and understand how you can improve in the future. Your journal is like having a personal trainer to cheer you on and point out the areas that need work. Remember to keep your journaling constructive  and positive because what you write down is what you’ll achieve.

3. Write down your goals.

When you write something on paper you almost instantly become accountable for it. Your chances for success greatly increase and you will never forget what you set out to do. Your goals will evolve over time, which adds to the excitement because you can see where you’ve come from and where you’re headed next!

4. Work out with a friend or group.

It.s easy to make excuses about why you can.t make it to the gym or pop in a Get Ripped video. It.s much harder to give up when there.s another person involved. Working out with someone is more fun, it.s motivating and it will help you achieve far greater results than you would on your own.

5. Collect weight loss success stories.

Many people think that the body they were born with is the body they are stuck with forever. Not true! While core physical shapes, sizes and heights differ, you can still  aspire to transform your physique into the body you’ve always wanted. Surrounding yourself with success stories about real people or even spending time with those people can do wonders for your personal motivations. Want proof? Here are some of our Get Ripped weight loss success stories.

6. Keep your goals in front of you as often as possible (fridge, work, car).

There will always be tempting or disruptive situations in your life that will lead you astray of your goals. If you constantly remind yourself of what you’ve set out to do, the temptations won’t look as sweet. For instance, if your bikini-wearin.-run-a-marathon goals are written down and hanging from the rear view mirror of your car, you may be less inclined to order that donut at the drive through before work!

8. Don’t wear baggy clothes.

We’ve all learned ways to hide the things we don’t like about our bodies, from baggy jeans and over-sized t-shirts to dark, solid colors. It.s time to push yourself out of that comfort zone and start showing off your new fit physique. Wearing proper fitting clothes will build your self-esteem and keep you on track with your goals. Others will start to take notice of what you’ve accomplished!

9. Hook up with positive people.

There will always be people who want to see you fall off the bandwagon or fail, especially after you start achieving your goals and they can see the positive effects a healthy lifestyle is having on you. Don.t let those nay-sayers get in your way. Spend time with friends who are positive and support you in your goals. You may even inspire them to achieve things they never thought possible.

10. Parents, don’t eat your kids’ meals!

How often have you finished up your child.s meal as your family sat around the dinner table or you cleared the dishes? Nobody likes to see good food go to waste but every extra bite adds up and we pay less attention to what we.re putting in our bodies if we nibble. Pack the food up in a container for later at a regular meal.

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