Keep Your Meal Plan Working While on Vacation

It can be quite difficult to maintain a healthy diet and meal plan while on vacation. New and exotic places often offer many delicious food options that are unavailable back home, and after all, aren’t holidays supposed to be enjoyable? However, there are some simple steps you can take to avoid packing on extra pounds away from home.

Follow these simple tips to make healthy choices and keep your meal plan working while on vacation

Often when we go on vacation, it can be very tempting to let our diet have time off as well. Yet, we can still enjoy ourselves as well as what we eat on holiday by making good choices. When eating out, keep an eye on portion size. Restaurants often provide larger meals than we would prepare for ourselves, so order a half serving, or better yet, share with others when possible. If you need to, take leftovers back to the hotel for another day. On a similar note, be aware of bread, chips, or other items that are provided to you while you wait for your main course.

Go green when eating out. Most every restaurant you will find will offer salad either as a meal option or prior to your entrée. Also, selecting vegetables and fruits as sides can cut down on calories found in options such as fries and other starches. Calories can also add up in salad dressings, sauces, and condiments. Ask that they be served separately so that you can control the amount you add to the dish. At the end of your meal, share a dessert with a traveling companion to keep calories low, while still enjoying the finer points of being on vacation.

Staying on track is all about priorities. With healthy decision-making on vacation you can have fun and keep weight off.