It’s Not Too Late

I have had clients of all ages. Some thought their time to look great had passed them by, but I showed them that it’s not too late no matter what your age. Even if you tried to get fit previously and failed, you can still do it. Maybe the time in your life wasn’t right or you had other more pressing priorities. Maybe you simply used the wrong program for your body and goals. I tell new clients that worry they’ll fail that giving up and not trying is the only real failure.

The older you are, the harder it is.

When people reach their late 30s, the muscles in the body start to atrophy. It’s actually harder to build muscle tissue but not impossible. Sarcopenia—age related muscle loss—doesn’t have to be a guaranteed part of aging. In fact, you can even reverse muscle loss, no matter what your age. You don’t have to be young to regain the toned look you want. It takes perseverance and the right program to achieve results.

It’s more than just working out, diet is important, too.

You can’t exercise away unhealthy pounds if you’re eating junk. Weight loss starts in the kitchen and is boosted in the gym. You’ll build muscles if you workout regularly and burn calories, but if you follow up that workout with a pizza, burger or fries, don’t expect to get the results you want. It takes about 25 minutes on the treadmill to burn off the calories of just four Oreos. Imagine how long you’d have to workout if you ate the whole pack! Not only does eating healthy help lower the number of calories you consume, it boosts the nutrition, so your body has the right nutrients to get that shredded or toned look you want.

Start big or small, but start.

Some people poke their toe in the water and slowly ease into it, while others dive in head first. You’ll get the best results by changing diet and working out regularly, but if you’re a toe dipper, do something. Whether you workout with the video every other day, increase the amount of time you walk daily or start eating healthier, it’s all good. Build on successes and never give up. It’s never too late to get fit.

  • While it might be harder to get into shape as you age, since hormone levels are lower, it’s more important than ever the older you are. Exercise can help reduce the potential for dementia and keep you living on your own longer.
  • One of the sexiest looks, no matter what your age, is looking healthy. In fact, people are programmed genetically to choose the healthiest, most robust mates.
  • You’ll be amazed at how much energy you’ll have after working out for a few months. You’ll build muscles, flexibility, endurance and tons of energy. There’s nothing better than that!
  • You’ll sleep better at night and even improve your cognitive thinking when you workout regularly. What’s good for the body is also good for the mind.

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