Good Stretches For Back Pain Relief

Whether you’re a client in Calgary, Canada, or using my videos anywhere else on the earth, I know you’ll feel better when you workout regularly. Not only does working out build muscle and improve your overall posture, it can help improve back pain. In fact, there are stretches for back pain relief that can relieve a problem quickly and help prevent future problems when done on a regular basis.

Sedentary jobs can create back pain.

If you’re at a computer all day, chances are you’re leaning forward to look at the screen. That type of poor posture can cause back problems, especially when held for long periods and done regularly. Your muscles need to move regularly to prevent tightening and improve circulation. Every 20-30 minutes take time to stretch a bit. Put your feet flat on the ground directly in front of you and sitting up straight. Roll your hip so your back rounds, like it does in the cat yoga move. The lower part of your back is touching the chair and the upper is forward. Then reverse the movement, which would look like the cow position in yoga if you were on all fours. Your head should be back, shoulder blades pinched and a large gap between the chair and your mid back.

Lower back stretches can be easy, but you need a towel to help.

If you have pain down your hips or on your lower back, try this simple exercise. Have a towel ready and grasp one end in each hand to create a loop. Knees should be bent to form a V. Lift one leg, put the loop of the towel around the sole of the foot lifted. You’re trying to straighten the leg by using the towel. Gently tug on the towel, lifting the foot with it. This will stretch the muscle and help relieve back pain. Hold for a half minute, then lower that leg and do the other.

It’s not easy to stretch all muscles.

Sometimes, you have to move a bit differently to get an adequate stretch. Start by laying on your back, with feet flat on the floor and knees bent in a V. Extend your arms to provide stability as you slowly rock your knees from side to side, loosening the muscles. Keeping your shoulders on the floor, lower your legs to one side until the outer knee touches the floor. Lift slowly to starting position and try it on the other side.

  • Walking is a good exercise, but make sure you have proper posture. Stand straight and visualizing your head going up through the clouds. Eyes should be focused 20 feet ahead. Your chin should be parallel to the ground with shoulders back and relaxed. Walk in the sun to boost vitamin D.
  • Strengthen your abs. Try a bridge. It not only helps strengthen abs it relaxes back muscles. Lay on the floor, knees bent, lift your bottom off the floor, squeezing your buttocks as you do. Your body should be at a straight slant from the knees downward to the head.
  • Lay on your back and pull your knees to your chest. Do them together, then do one at a time as you keep the other leg extended, stretching the back muscles. Switch legs. Hold and lower.
  • When you sit at a desk, take a few minutes every hour to stretch. Sit up straight and extend arms to your side, parallel to the floor. Bend to one side and then to the other. Stretch another way. If you have space twist and swivel from side to side.

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