Why The Proper Form Is So Important When Working Out

Proper form is so important when you’re working out. It can make a difference in your results and your health. Some people in Calgary, Canada, have bent or twisted wrong during an exercise and ended up with muscle strains that have put them on the sidelines for weeks. Exercising, like eating healthy, requires some knowledge to be effective. Just moving and staying active can help anyone, but if you have specific goals or want to push the envelope, the proper form is vital.

Even simple squats require the correct form.

If you’re doing a squat, your form determines how much benefit you receive. It also can make the difference between injury and safety. The standard form starts with feet slightly wider than hips, toes pointed outward a few degrees. Your eyes should look straight ahead as you put your arms out in front, parallel to the ground. As you squat toward the ground, you push your butt backward, bracing your core muscles and keeping your weight on both the heels and toes. Your knees should remain in line with your feet. Squat down until your hips are lower than your knees.

Every movement you do in the squat requires the proper form.

If you don’t keep your back straight during a squat and round it or arch it, it can cause lower back pain. Not squatting deep enough won’t give you results. Allowing your knees to go track outward or collapse inward as you lower your body can pull muscles and tug on knee ligaments and cause injury. Raising your heels can cause ankle and calf stiffness. Shifting your weight to one side causes muscle imbalances and can lead to injury. Sitting back too far when you squat shifts the muscle effort to the lower back and can cause injury and pain.

Every movement you make changes your center of gravity and the muscles you use.

Learning the proper form makes all the difference. It’s one reason I love offering DVDs and online workouts to clients. They can watch the video several times and then mimic those movements in front of a mirror or a workout partner. It’s also why taking it slow and focusing on form is vital when starting an exercise program. If you only get a few repetitions in, but each one is perfect, your workout is a success.

  • Form and technique go hand in hand but aren’t the same. You can change foot placement when you do a squat to focus on different muscles. A wide plie squat works different muscles, just as a split squat does.
  • If you already have a specific muscle weakness, it will show when you do an exercise for that muscle group. Maintaining the right form will help correct the deficiency. Doing the wrong form will exacerbate it.
  • If your muscles aren’t strong enough to maintain the proper form, stop and do a modified form of that exercise until you build the muscle strength to do it right.
  • Take your time when you first begin any exercise program and focus on your form, your weaknesses, and your limitations. Always consult your healthcare professional before starting any workout program.

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