Ways To Get More Steps In

Even if you exercise regularly, it can still help you shed pounds and get healthier by adding more steps every day. Sitting too long can actually wipe out the benefits you’ve gained through regular exercise, so one way to boost your steps is to take a few minutes every hour to get up and move around the room. You don’t have to monitor every step, even though that can make it more of a game, but simply look for ways to add more steps.

Shopping day can become exercise day.

Whether you’re shopping at the grocery or a mall, park further away from the door. If you’re grocery shopping at a superstore that is a department store with a grocery, park at the retail, department store side and walk to the grocery side. During inclement weather, do the walking inside the store. You don’t have to do your walking all at one time for it to be effective, but you should make it as brisk as possible or alternate your pace between fast and a recovery pace.

Watching TV can be a time to walk.

Whether you’re binging on Netflix, watching cable or doing any other type of binge watching, take time out to get up and march in place. Get an egg timer and set it for 55 minutes, then get up and march in place for five. The higher you lift your knees the better for this type of exercise. If your program has commercials, plan a list of quick tasks to do. Since time is short, you’ll be moving faster than normal, which can make it workout.

Increase your steps at every opportunity.

If you’re at the airport and taking the people mover, or on an escalator, don’t just stand there and let it do the walking for you. Speed up your movement, by walking, whether it’s up the stairs of the escalator or on the people mover. It’s especially fun on the people mover, since the combination of the belt moving and brisk walking makes you feel like the Flash, moving at super speeds. Of course, the best way to boost your steps is to always take the traditional stairs.

  • Just increasing steps within your home can also make a difference. When you think of something you need to get done, get up and do it immediately. Not only will you increase steps, but you’ll also get more done.
  • If your lunch hour is a real hour and not a few minutes at your desk, pack a lunch and walk to a park to eat it. Even if you don’t have a traditional lunch hour, get up and eat your lunch in another area of the office. Not only will you enjoy it more, but you’ll also get in a few extra steps.
  • Make your house sparkle by cleaning more frequently and putting everything away immediately, instead of stacking it and waiting for a load. It’s especially good if you have two story home and have to take the stairs.
  • Play tag or make walking family time with the kids. You can go to a nature reserve, botanical garden or just take a walk around the block. It builds family time and helps get in extra steps.

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