Trim Tummy Today!

Looking for a way to reduce the size of your stomach? Perhaps you are not carrying any extra weight around your midsection but still have a bit of a “pooch”? This is not unusual because the human body has its favorite places to store fat, and the abdominal area is a popular one.

What can you do about this? There are two things that anyone can realistically do to trim their tummies:

Trim Tummy Task 1 – Use abdominal exercises to target this area – The development of the muscles throughout the abdomen (including those running along the outer areas of the waist and hip) will always help to tame any sort of belly bloating; and

Trim Tummy Task 2 – Reduction of fat throughout the body

You may know that bodybuilders are famous for keeping their total body fat at seemingly impossible levels. However, that is precisely why they have such “cut” and pronounced “six packs”. Those layers of muscles along the abdominal sheath only appear so clear and sharp because there is almost no fat between them and the layers of skin that cover them.

Do you want that kind of precision? If so, you too will have to follow the rigorous diets and exercise routines that these dedicated souls are willing to accept. However, if you are just looking for ways to trim that tummy, you can use the following tips and tactics to make it happen:

  • Cut out foods that lead to belly bloat – So much of what makes us unhappy with the size of our bellies can be directly related to bloating of the intestines. Eating foods that trigger gassiness, irritation, and water retention are some of the ways we sabotage our waistlines. As an example, if you eat too much fiber it can lead to bloating, if you eat too much salt it will cause water retention, and if you swallow too much air (using straws or chewing gum) it will swell the belly.
  • Target the belly – You should be doing at least 30 minutes of cardio work each day (running, jogging, etc.) but also be sure to use the crunches, planks, and other exercises that call the entire midsection into play as well.
  • Water, water, and more water – Retaining water will always create a fully waistline. Drinking a lot of fresh water each day instantly cuts down on water retention an helps trim that tummy.

It can be frustrating to work out and eat well only to struggle with a less than flat belly. These tips can help you get things under control and get the sleek silhouette you desire.

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