Health Benefits Of Yoga

People in Calgary, Canada, tell me they love how they feel after one of the Get Ripped sessions. That great feeling comes from providing what the body needs to be its best. I include many forms of exercise in it. It incorporates strength training, calisthenics, and even yoga. One reason for including yoga poses is the many health benefits it provides. Many of the yoga poses have become part of traditional exercise. It makes sense using the best of all worlds for a well-rounded routine.

Yoga provides strength-building, flexibility, and balance.

Do a warrior pose from yoga and it will seem familiar. It is. It’s almost like doing a lunge. The difference is that you lunge and hold. The plank is a yoga pose, but it’s called Phalakasana. The downward-facing dog, chaturanga, and awkward chair – Utkatasana—all build strength. For balance, nothing is better than the tree pose. It’s almost a yoga icon.

Yoga poses can relieve back pain.

Yoga not only helps with mobility issues, but it can also relieve back pain. It helps improve the range of motion and boosts muscle strength. Several yoga exercises are used to relieve back pain quickly. The cat/cow poses are examples. These yoga poses are often the first recommendations from doctors when dealing with pain.

Yoga is a stress buster.

Stress is a killer. It causes chronic inflammation, digestive issues, and is linked to belly fat. While it may sound odd, the corpse pose relieves stress quickly. It’s nothing more than laying stretched out and clearing your mind. Studies show that yoga can help you sleep better at night, which also helps reduce stress and lose weight. Lack of sleep can cause an increase in ghrelin—the hunger hormone—and a decrease in leptin—the satiety hormone.

  • The improved circulation and increased flexibility can help reduce pain from arthritis. Yoga’s gentle movements improve circulation of the synovial fluid, the lubricating fluid around the joints.
  • Yoga also helps reduce the number and intensity of headaches and improves circulation. The reduction of inflammation improves heart health. Yoga can also help lower blood pressure and reduce weight, two other heart-healthy benefits.
  • Yoga doesn’t burn as many calories as other exercises, but it does help improve mindfulness and relaxation. Studies show that yoga does boost weight loss but think it’s mindfulness that helps. It makes people more aware of their bodies, so they eat only when they’re hungry.
  • You can modify yoga for every fitness level. Studies show it helps prevent muscle wasting, helps with balance issues, and is good for chronic pain. Like all types of exercise, it can increase your energy and improve your mood.

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