Why Audio Treadmill Workouts Can Help You Lose Your Gut

It is rare these days to see someone running outside or at the gym without ear buds or headphones. Listening to music is as much a part of the cardio routine these days as shorts and socks. The reason is most people are motivated by the songs they listen to while running and it helps make the time go by faster. This is important for most people because they want to lose weight or stay fit, but sometimes running and cardio workouts just aren’t that fun. Of course, there is an even better way to get motivated in your cardio workouts and avoid boredom. Audio treadmill workouts can help you lose your gut. Here’s how:


One thing that many people miss when doing their cardio workout on a treadmill is coaching. Having advice in your ear specific to your workout is one reason that personal training and spin classes have become so popular in gyms and top-notch workout facilities. With audio treadmill workouts, you will receive detailed instruction as to what speed and incline you should adjust your machine to and when. This takes the guesswork out of deciding what the right settings are for you to achieve the best results.

An expert designed audio treadmill workout will be optimized too, so you can lose your gut quicker with coaching than you would alone. A good audio treadmill workout will also guide you through an appropriate warm-up and cool down, which is an important piece of cardio sessions that many people miss when working out on their own.

Interval Training

To lose your gut, it is important to keep your heart rate up. With interval training, you will move at varying speeds for different lengths of time and with a range of steepness. This will keep your body on its figurative toes, which keeps your heart rate up.

Interval training includes bursts of high-energy activity with periods of rest and recovery. Because you will be using an audio treadmill workout, the entire plan is set up for you ahead of time, which means it will be properly designed for the best results and for you to stay in the perfect zone. You will spend time walking, jogging, running and even sprinting. Of course, if you need to adjust the settings on the treadmill you can. You may prefer a lower incline if you are having trouble in the early stages, or a steeper incline once you have mastered it and need to be pushed more.

It Keeps You Interested

In addition, a major benefit to an audio treadmill workout is the music. Most are designed to ramp up the intensity of the tunes along with the intervals to give you a little extra boost when you need it. After all, music is an important piece of most people’s cardio time, so it makes perfect sense to include it along with your audio treadmill workout.

When you are looking to lose your gut, a high quality cardio workout is a vital piece to the puzzle. You should include cardio several times a week, for 30-45 minutes each day. Many people find working out on a treadmill to be very boring, even with music or a television mounted to the machine. With an audio treadmill workout, you will receive a detailed plan with the coaching and interval training you need to optimize your workouts. It is like having a personal trainer with you on the treadmill, feeding you the details you need to reach your weight loss goals, along with an engaging soundtrack as well.