10 Secrets to Get Lean and Ripped for Women

When you look on the cover of a fitness magazine, do you dream of looking so fit and ripped? Spending time dreaming is time you are losing. Instead, you need to know that you can look just as good as those fitness models. All you need to know is what it takes to get lean and ripped for women. Here are ten secrets that those fitness models know so that you can start using them in your routine today.

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1. Structure Matters

We are creatures of habit and that’s why routines work so well for us. You need structure in your fitness routine so that you can make a habit out of working out. You should have set goals, a set plan, and a very specific routine that is based on science and physiology for the best results. Without structure, you will find it too easy to skip days or even stop altogether.

2. Build Muscle, Don’t Just Burn Fat

You may go into a fitness routine with the goal of losing weight, and that could be a good goal. However, it shouldn’t be your main one. When you build muscle and focus on weight training, you will burn fat as well as accomplish a  number of other things like lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing stress, and much more.

3. Build a Solid Foundation

When you first start working out, if you have never exercised much before, then your first goal should be to build a solid foundation by working on basic techniques. This is important because that foundation will be the starting point for all of your exercise and it will help to prevent injuries.

4. You Must Completely Fatigue Muscles

When you want to get ripped, you actually have to follow something called the “Overload Principle”, which means you push your muscles to their limits. Anything less will not be as effective. Your muscles will continue to grow as long as you continue to push them. However, you must do this carefully and in the right way to avoid injury.

5. Understand Repetition

Your goal should always be to complete a certain number of repetitions at each weight building exercise: ideally 8-12. If you do more than this, you won’t be building muscles to get ripped. Instead, you will be working on endurance.

6. Keep Records of Your Work

Studies show that if you write it down, you are more likely to stay on track and reach your health and fitness goals!  A training and diet diary can be very helpful because you can use it to determine how you need to alter your exercises or make changes to increase your strength. Make sure to track your progress through type of workout, number of repetitions, weights, and even how you feel after working out. You cannot trust your memory to keep up with all the little details, so write them down.

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7. You Need the Right Nutrition

Exercise is only one part of getting ripped. “World-class athletes know that success depends on training and nutrition. They carefully choose the foods they eat, so the right combination of nutrients will fuel them to success.” (Faires) When you eat the proper foods, you will actually be fueling your exercise for even better results.

8. Set Goals

If you have no clear goal in mind when you start exercising, you won’t have much motivation to continue. After all, you won’t even really know what you are working toward. By setting goals, you have something very specific and this will keep you motivated.

9. Know the Importance of Sleep

Sleep is more important than you may realize. If you are trying to lose weight, get lean, and ripped, then you do need to get about 7-9 hours of sleep every single night. This will make it easier for you to keep up with your workouts and your body will have the time it needs to rest and heal.

10. Stick to One Diet Plan

When you hear about others who have lost weight or gotten in shape, you may be tempted to jump over to the diet plan they have been using, but this isn’t a good idea. Instead, you need to focus on building a healthy and nutritious diet plan that enhances your workouts and then stick with it no matter what.

If you follow these ten tips, then you will be well on your way to getting that lean, ripped body that you have always dreamed of.


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