10-Minute At-Home Workout Routines To Try Today

You may have several idle hours throughout the day, but they occur in sections of ten to fifteen minutes, not a full half hour or hour exclusively for exercise. You can still have a good exercise program. You need 150 to 300 minutes of exercise each week. Most people break it up into 30 to 60-minute sessions daily. It’s more convenient for them to do it that way, exercising five to six days a week. You don’t have to do it that way. You can break the time down into several shorter sessions daily. One of the beauties of having on-demand or DVD workouts is you can pause it and start again later when you have a few minutes. Having a stash of 10-minute at-home workout routines can also help.

Even if it’s just ten minutes, modifying the intensity or maximizing it will make it more effective.

You can get more from any workout when you maximize or alternate the intensity. The more intense you workout, the less you have to do. Alternating the intensity, such as HIIT—high intensity interval workouts—also boost results and reduces time. With HIIT workouts, you go at maximum intensity for a minute, then turn down the intensity level for another minute. You continuously alternate between the two. Any exercise can be a HIIT workout. Take ten minutes and go for a walk. Walk at peak speed until your heart rate is high, then reduce the to a moderate pace for recovery. Continue alternating.

Do this four-minute workout several times.

Dr. Zach Bush created the nitric oxide dump. Nitric oxide expands the blood vessels and lowers your blood pressure. This exercise routine uses four simple exercises that take four minutes. You do four sets of ten repetitions each of deep knee bends, arm paddles, jumping jacks that are only the arm movements and no jumping, and military presses without weights.

Create combinations you can do any time.

Use a combination of calisthenics and as many sets as you can in your allotted time. Walk around as you throw your arms open and closed for a minute to warm up. Start your workout with a plank or 10 plank taps, then move to 20 jumping jacks. Your next exercise is 10 squats, followed by five push-ups.

  • Create three workouts to do throughout the day. One can be strength building, with the second for endurance, and the third for flexibility. Don’t forget, increasing your daily activity also counts. Park further from the store and walk.
  • This low-impact routine is great for cardio. Do each exercise for 20 seconds and rest 10 seconds between. Combine jabs with a squat for the first, followed by side steps. The third is a wide sumo squat, then knee-to-elbow lifts, followed by high knee lifts. Do four sets.
  • Do these exercises one after another for one minute to build strength with a short ten-second rest between them. Move from downward dog to upward facing dog, do a glute bridge, bicycle crunches, squats, lunge, squat jumps, high plank, split squat jumps, and push-ups.
  • Don’t forget to stretch. When you first get up in the morning, reach for the sky. Push your hands as high as you can elongating the spine. Twist your upper body in one direction while your lower body remains stationary. Put your hands behind your head and flex backward.

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