Best Workouts For Depression

January in Calgary, Canada, or any northern area, can make you feel depressed. Sometimes, it’s just the lack of sunshine or the limited movement the bad weather can create. Sometimes the feeling is more lasting and more severe. No matter what the cause, there are workouts for depression that can help. The workout can help trigger hormones that make you feel better, while improving your overall health. For more severe cases of depression, seeking professional help is important.

It doesn’t have to be a formal workout to boost blood circulation to the brain.

While I love a tough workout when I’m feeling down and out, and how it makes me feel so much better, not everyone is the same. You don’t have to do a tough session from the “Get Ripped” series, feeling good mentally could be as simple as taking a walk. The brisker the walk, the quicker you’ll feel the effect. It’s the endorphins and increased circulation to the brain that helps boost your mood, plus you’ll be burning off the hormones of stress. Just taking a 20 to 30 minute walk can make a difference.

You’ll feel more powerful and improve your mood when you do strength training.

If you’re looking for something more challenging that will help you feel better emotionally, lift something heavy. It can be anything from furniture to your own bodyweight, as with push-ups. Studies show that strength training can improve your feeling of well-being. Strength training is important for everyone, regardless of gender, so women benefit from it too. The stronger you are, the more powerful you feel and the more in control of your life. You don’t have to be depressed to feel better after a tough strength building session.

Make your workout a low impact one with Tai Chi or yoga.

There are all levels of tai chi and yoga, so finding one that’s best for you and your fitness level is important. You want it to be tough enough to challenge you, but not so hard that you have to quit in a few minutes. Tai chi is especially good for seniors, a group of citizens that often suffer from low-grade depression. This slow low impact set of movements is surprisingly exhausting, which is exactly what you hope to achieve. It means you’ve boosted your circulation and burned off the hormones of stress.

  • I’ve left out one of the most important forms of exercise, my livestreams, DVDs and audio sessions. You don’t have to do anything but follow along. Trust me, you’ll feel sore afterward, but emotionally uplifted.
  • Make your workout something you love to do. If the weather permits, ride a bike if that’s what you love. Maybe dancing suits you more or shooting hoops. Whatever you do, make it active and fun.
  • Buy hula hoops for the whole family or your group of friends and have a hula hoop contest party. You can give everyone a month to prepare and the workout practicing will get you in a better mood for the party.
  • Don’t forget to focus on other self-care techniques, like getting adequate sleep or eating healthy. Both can help lift mild depression. Certain foods are better for the task, like mushrooms, greens, tomatoes and walnuts.

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