Get Extremely RIPPED!® and Chiseled (Download)


With Get Extremely RIPPED!® and Chiseled, you’ll challenge every muscle of your entire body with new and innovative exercises using 3-8 pound hand weights and a step (optional).  The exercises are designed to create the ultimate burn and help you get the best results possible!  Targeting each muscle group separately with 2-3 different weight training exercises helps you save time and challenge your muscles effectively.  You will build new lean muscle tissue and boost your metabolism for hours; allowing you to burn fat even while you rest!


  • 60 minute workout
  • 30 minute workouts

Please be advised that there are no bonus features and no chapter markers for this download. For complete menu options that allow you to choose between various chapters and workout configurations, we recommend purchasing this workout in the DVD version.Get RIPPED! (DVD)