Get RIPPED!® in 6 Minutes (Download)



Join Jari Love, creator of the critically acclaimed Get RIPPED!® Series, for an innovative new workout that will burn fat, help you lose weight and sculpt lean muscle. Each six-minute track features back-to-back double-duty calorie burning exercises with active recovery, so that your heart rate stays elevated and you shed fat fast! All exercises scientifically tested on a metabolic cart. You can choose to do this same workout in different ways – 1 full hour or break it up into three – 20 mins or two – 30 mins workouts depending on your schedule each day.

The download will include this workout in 6 different lengths for your convenience in a format of 6 sets of 16 reps of exercise with active recovery:

  • 1—60 minute workout / 2—30 minute workouts / 3—20 minute workouts. You choose how long you work out every day.
  • Modifications for all fitness levels
  • BONUS feature: “The Unhealthy Epidemic” with Chronic Disease Management Specialist Mary Mather, RN, BSc, BScN

With easy to follow patterns and modifiable moves, you can achieve your best body ever and have fun while doing it. A set of light and medium hand weights (3-8bs) and a step (optional) is required for this workout.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that there are no chapter markers for this download.