Fat Loss Mistakes Most People Make

One of the most common questions from clients in Calgary, Canada, and around the world, is how to lose weight, and in particular, how to lose fat. I’m always surprised at misinformation out there and the fat loss mistakes a lot of clients make because of it. Losing weight in general is hard enough, when you add the misinformation to the mix, it’s almost impossible. Losing fat is even far more difficult than just losing weight.

Going on an extreme diet with starvation level calories may help you lose weight.

It’s not necessarily fat you’re losing, but could be lean muscle tissue. That can make weight loss even harder. Muscle tissue requires more calories for maintenance than fat tissue does, so the less you have, the slower your metabolism. The type of exercise you do also makes a big difference. While running burns tons of calories, those calories come from both muscle and fat tissue. Doing strength training can make a difference. You’re building muscle as you burn calories.

One huge mistake that’s easy to make is buying special diet food.

Don’t fall for the misinformation from advertising. Madison Avenue has had years to hone their promotion tactics. Offering food that’s low fat is just one way many people are tricked. Full fat options are actually best for fat loss. It fills you up and makes you feel full longer. You need fat to maintain your metabolism and perform many bodily functions. Even worse, when fat is removed from food, manufacturers need to put something in to make the food more palatable. That something is often sugar, which is even worse for fat loss. While trans fats are bad, healthy fat is an important part of your diet.

You focus only on diet or only on exercise and don’t include both in your program.

Exercise is extremely important, not only to lose weight, but also for your health. A healthy diet, which is not necessarily a diet but simply eating healthy, provides the nutrients your body needs to run at peak performance. If you have a healthy diet, it doesn’t contain highly processed foods or foods with white flour or added sugar. Since it’s hard to eat too many calories from multicolored vegetables, you’ll automatically be consumer fewer calories and never feel deprived.

  • People who count calories often don’t consume enough healthy fat or protein and find themselves feeling hungry. Those who count carbs may cut out fresh fruits and vegetables, sabotaging their health and weight loss efforts, since fiber feeds friendly microbes that can help you lose weight.
  • You may not be getting enough sleep. Inadequate sleep can cause hormones to fluctuate, increasing ghrelin—the hunger hormone—and reducing leptin—the hormone that makes you feel full.
  • You eat even though you may not be hungry. People who do this either eat emotionally, when angry or sad, or eat mindlessly, like grabbing a handful of candies as you pass the bowl. You’re eating far more than you realize. Keep a food journal if you think that might be your problem.
  • One big fat loss mistake is failing to consider what you drink. Three 8-oz containers of soft drink a day will pack on a pound in less than two weeks. Switching to diet drinks won’t help, since studies show it packs on inches around your waistline.

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