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If you don’t like how you feel or look, then it’s time to change your life by getting into shape. Exercise is the quicker-picker-upper that boosts your energy and improves your circulation. You’ll feel younger in just weeks and look younger, too. Not only does exercise increase your energy level, it also works at the cellular level to take years off your appearance by making your age far lower than your actual chronological age.

Exercise improves your circulation, which can improve your skin, making it look years younger.

A small research study at the McMaster University in Ontario used subjects aged from 20 to 84. The researchers biopsied and examined the skin of those over 40 and compared those who exercised with those who didn’t. The exercising group who were over 40 had the elasticity, suppleness of people in their 20s and 30s. Not satisfied that the result was from exercise, since they hadn’t accounted for other things, such as diet, the non-exercising group was asked to exercise for three months. When researchers biopsied their skin to check for changes, those over 65 who switched to exercise now had quite different results. Now their skin resembled that of a 20 to 40 year old when looked at under a microscope.

Exercise changes you at the cellular level.

Every chromosome has a cap at the end of it, called a telomere. It acts much like the aglet—that plastic covering on the end of a shoelace—and helps prevent the chromosome from unraveling. The longer the telomere, the longer the cell can replicate or avoid damage. There’s also a correlation between living longer and telomere length. Exercise helps lengthen the telomere, which can slow the hands of time.

Exercising helps keep you healthier and thinner.

Nobody wants a lot of body fat, but not all body fat is the same. Visceral fat, also called belly fat, is the most dangerous type. It crowds the internal organs and increases your risk for diabetes and other serious conditions. Combining strength training, such as weight lifting and cardio can help eliminate visceral fat while giving you a body you’ll be proud to have.

  • You’ll look younger when you workout because of improved posture and improved vigor. Nothing says young and fit than walking briskly with your head held high.
  • Give your metabolism a boost when you exercise. It builds muscle tissue, which requires more calories to maintain than fat tissue does, so you’ll be burning extra calories the more you have.
  • Nothing says old like looking dragged out and tired. The good news is that when you workout, it helps you sleep sounder at night and a good night’s sleep makes everyone look years younger.
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