Get RIPPED!® 1000 #3 (Streamed)


Burn up to 1000 calories with high-intensity cardio and double-duty compound weight exercises! These exercises are scientifically tested on a metabolic cart. Get Ripped! workouts use science to bring you the most effective exercises. Your body will turn into a fat burning machine—you will see results fast!

Get RIPPED! 1000#3 is a high rep, low weight workout. Whether it’s a weight or cardio track, every single track follows the same pattern: four rounds which include three sets of eight reps and one set of eight counts easy active recovery. Rev up your metabolism for hours after the workout and burn up to three times more calories! Modifications are shown throughout the workout so everyone, no matter what your age or ability, can feel success!


  • 60 minute workout
  • 30 minute workouts

Disclaimer: Please be advised that you must have internet access in order to stream this workout and please note that there are no chapter markers. For complete menu options that allow you to choose between various chapters and workout configurations, we recommend purchasing this workout in the DVD version: Get RIPPED! (DVD)