Get RIPPED!® 1000 (Download)


This high-intensity resistance and cardio workout are proven to elevate your metabolism for hours after you’ve finished the routine! A higher metabolism means you’’ll burn fat all day long for faster weight loss and body sculpting. Burn twice as many calories as traditional weight lifting through double-duty drills that work multiple muscles at once. Shake things up between sets with high-intensity cardio bursts. This easy-to-follow program has low and high impact variations for everyone from beginners to advanced athletes. Get double the workout, double the fun, and double the results in half the time! Uses interval training to maximize your results. Mixes it up with body sculpting and cardio. Modifications are shown for all fitness levels. Dynamic, compound exercises keep the heart rate elevated and build lean muscle. All of these movements build strong sleek abs.

Please be advised that there are no bonus features and no chapter markers for this download. For complete menu options that allow you to choose between various chapters and workout configurations, we recommend purchasing this workout in the DVD version.Get RIPPED! (DVD)