Get RIPPED! Audio Workout Download: Weights 1

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Fitness Level:  All fitness levels can enjoy this workout.  Please modify to suit your fitness needs.

What you need:  3-10lb handheld weights, iPod or mp3 player, running shoes and your water bottle. 

Description:  Take your fitness to the next level with this energizing weight routine! This workout consists of eight different weight exercises that are simple yet effective.  Each exercise will follow a consistent pattern of either 12 single reps or 24 pulses of work followed by a brief rest period.   That pattern will be repeated eight times per exercise and will take about four minutes.

At the beginning of each new exercise, we will have approximately 30 seconds where the exercise will be explained and where you can take a quick water break.

Please remember that all of the exercises can be done with or without weights.  You may want to try the workout without weights first to get a sense of how you feel and decide what the appropriate weight load is for you.





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