Get RIPPED! Audio Workout Download: Walk Fit

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Fitness Level:  All fitness levels can enjoy this workout.  Please modify to suit your fitness needs.

What you need:  Treadmill, iPod or mp3 player, running shoes and your water bottle.

Description:  Challenge your heart and your legs with this progressive hill interval workout!  After a five minute warm-up, we’ll increase our speed to a brisk walk and raise our incline slightly for our first two minute interval.  In between each interval, we will have a one minute active recovery period where we bring our incline down and reduce our speed slightly.  Each time we come back to the hill, it will be a little steeper and we’ll increase our pace back up to a brisk walk.  The goal is to try and hold the same brisk pace on each of the intervals, even as they become steeper.  Please remember that the speeds and inclines described in this workout are baselines.  If you find that the speed is too fast, please reduce the speed to a level that you can sustain a brisk walking pace. There will be a total of four hill intervals on the way up and then we will repeat them in reverse order on the way down for a total of eight intervals.  If you feel like the incline is too high or not challenging enough, please modify to suit your fitness level.  We’ll then finish things off with a brief cool down.

This workout will have you working primarily in zones 2-4.  You should find yourself in a zone 2-3 during the warm-up and in the cool down.  During the hill intervals, you should find yourself in a zone 3 or a possibly a zone 4.  Working in a zone 3 should feel like a 5-7/10 in terms of difficulty and a zone 4 should feel like a 7-9/10.  During the active recovery sections in between intervals, you should notice your heart rate staying in a zone 3.

All fitness levels can enjoy this workout.  The speeds and inclines recommended in the recording are baselines and can be modified to suit your individual needs.  As your fitness level improves, you’ll be able to challenge yourself with more speed and a greater incline.  The goal is to have fun and get a great workout so please listen to your body!




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