Get RIPPED! Audio Workout Download: The Chase

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Fitness Level:  All fitness levels can enjoy this workout.  Please modify to suit your fitness needs. 

What you need:  Treadmill, iPod or mp3 player, running shoes and your water bottle.

Description:  Take your cardio fitness to the next level with this 30 minute cardio workout that challenges your endurance, stamina, recovery time and speed.  After a five minute warm-up, we’ll start with a preparation challenge that will have you jogging uphill at a moderate pace for two minutes, going a little faster for two minutes and then having one minute of active recovery.  Next up are two sets of Hill Challenges.  These are five minutes each and involve two minutes at your race pace on a moderate incline, two minutes of the same speed at a steeper incline and one minute of active recovery.  Next are the three Sprint Challenges.  These are two minutes each and involve one minute at your race pace with zero incline, 30 seconds of an all-out sprint and 30 seconds of active recovery.  To finish off, the Final Challenge will have you hold your race pace speed at an incline for one minute and then sprint on the incline for 30 seconds.  We finish off with a nice cool down.

This workout will have you working primarily in zones 2-4 with a final zone 5 challenge.  You should find yourself in a zone 2-3 during the first part of the warm-up and in the recovery sections of the challenges.  Working in a zone 3 should feel like 5-7/10 in terms of difficulty.  Once you get into the challenges, you’ll experience bursts of intensity that will bring you up into a zone 4 which feels like a 7-9/10.  For the final challenge, you should feel like you are up into a zone 5 and working at an all-out 10/10 effort.

All fitness levels can enjoy this workout.  The speeds and inclines recommended in the recording are baselines and can be modified to suit your individual needs.  As your fitness level improves, you’ll be able to challenge yourself with more speed and a greater incline. The goal is to have fun and get a great workout so please listen to your body!




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