Get RIPPED! Instructor Series

Jari Love has trained hundreds of trainers across North America to teach the Ripped! rotation in studios, health clubs, and private training sessions.

Since Get RIPPED!’s inception, creator Jari Love has been recognized in The New York Times, Oprah Magazine, SELF, Oxygen, and many other publications. The program’s accolades in a wide range of mainstream publications, as well as its longstanding popularity in an industry that can be prone to fleeting trends, attest to its efficacy.

Get RIPPED! has been proven to:

  • improve class retention by up to 20%,
  • attract club members,
  • allow instructors to upsell personal training,
  • create sustainable results,
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • reduce member attrition by over 30%.

Get RIPPED! classes can be used as a standalone wellness/transformative methodology or as part of a broader protocol.

The Get RIPPED! certification centers around the fundamental programs Get RIPPED! 96-1 and Get RIPPED! 96-2. You can earn the certification at your own pace online at

Get RIPPED! 96-1 and Get RIPPED! 96-2 are eligible for CECs with CANFITPRO and AFLCA, AFAA and NASM.

Get RIPPED! is the critically acclaimed and best-selling total body workout system designed to maximize fat loss, burn calories and sculpt lean muscle.

Get RIPPED! 96-1 is the fundamental program for the 96 series.

Benefits: 96-1 is level 1 of the COMPOUND PHASE of Jari Love’s 5-Phase Get RIPPED! series. Featuring compound exercises, RIPPED! 96-1 will help participants blast out of plateaus with this easy to follow and effective workout that maximizes exercise time. The workout follows a consistent pattern of 6 sets of 16 reps for each exercise with an 8-count recovery in between each set. These double duty exercises burn tons of calories while elevating the heart rate and sculpting lean muscle.  Buy here!

Get RIPPED! 96-2 is the next step up from the original Get RIPPED! 96-1. Each workout track combines two different compound exercises for double duty burn.

Benefits: Get ready to get stronger and fitter, faster than ever before! This workout uses the most effective compound exercises to help you get maximum results. These double duty exercises will challenge you and take your fitness level to new heights! Every combination totals 96 repetitions with minimized recovery. You will not only build strength and endurance but you will also tone and define every muscle of your body! All fitness levels are welcome as modifications are always shown. Buy here!

Here’s How it Works

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  2. You get access to all of your materials online: instructional videos, manuals, and music.
  3. Cost: USD $299.00

The Get RIPPED! Certification includes access to purchase the entire Get RIPPED! Instructional Series

Almost two million people across North America have purchased Get RIPPED! 

DVDs over the past two decades, and have become healthier, fitter, and happier as a result.

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