Life Starts With Food

You might think the good life starts with food. For some, that’s true. All important events feature food. Some people spend hours focusing on food they can eat and food they can’t, counting calories, berating themselves for eating the wrong thing or too much and daydreaming about eating their favorite guilty pleasure. Food is important, but it shouldn’t consume your thoughts each waking hour. Changing when you eat and focusing on healthy food can help change all that.

You need to eat to live.

Making smarter choices when it comes to food can help you relax and enjoy meal time. It means choosing foods that aren’t highly processed or ones that contain high amounts of sugar or starches. Choosing food that is closest to its natural state, eating small meals every few hours to prevent hunger and ensuring you have healthy snacks can relieve the burden of continuously counting calories.

Diets don’t work, but healthy eating does.

You can’t give up food, like you might give up smoking or other habit you want to quit. That’s what makes weight loss so difficult. Sometimes, unhealthy eating is nothing more than a bad habit. In this case, rather than focusing too much on food, people eat the same thing continuously, without ever considering flavor, nutrition or how it affects their weight. Whether you’re too focused on food or are oblivious to it, switching your focus to eating healthy should be a top priority. Diets don’t work because they always end and you go back to old eating habits. However, when you eat healthy, it’s a habit that can keep weight off for a lifetime.

Food should be your friend.

Just making small changes in your diet can help. For instance, choosing brown or wild rice instead of white rice boosts nutrition and lowers the number of calories. Cutting out sugar and junk food may not be easy, but it’s key to weight loss. Some people lament that they’ll never get to eat some of their favorite foods, like the delicious pie Aunt Mary brings to every family get-together. That’s not true. Eating a small slice of pie occasionally, no matter how high in calories in it, one slice won’t destroy all the effort you put into changing your diet. It’s all about what you choose the majority of time.

  • Make food your friend. Food isn’t the enemy. It’s the type of food you eat that puts on weight. What you drink is also important. Stick with water if you want to look and feel your best, rather than sugary or even diet soft drinks.
  • Learning to eat healthy can be an adventure in food. If you find you can’t get over your focus on food, switch that focus to finding healthy alternatives and recipes. You’ll be amazed at how delicious food tastes when you’re eating healthy.
  • Read labels if you must eat processed food. There’s a lot of different names for sugar and sometimes manufacturers choose several types of sugar so no one type doesn’t show up high on the ingredient list.
  • Eating a meal high in protein and carbs two to three hours before a workout provides the energy. If you can’t eat, a small carb and light protein snack right before provides energy.

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