Get RIPPED! Tips for Weight Loss in the New Year

Setting Goals and How They Can Help You Drop the Pounds

Every Year many of us make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, but sometimes making these goals is way easier than keeping them. Jari Love can help you stick to your resolutions with research that shows how setting goals can help you achieve success. According to the Mayo Clinic having “Realistic, well-planned weight-loss goals keeps you focused and motivated. They provide a plan for change as you transition into a healthier lifestyle.” (Weight Loss Goals: Set Yourself Up for Success). By setting goals and writing them down, you give yourself something to work toward. Without a definite commitment it is easy to lose motivation and you may lose sight of what you want for yourself. Setting definitive goals gives you a direction—it is that first step that is often the hardest.

Jari Love knows that the key to achieving weight loss goals is to make your goals attainable. If your goals are too unrealistic you are setting yourself up for failure. Instead set a realistic series of goals. Once you achieve the first goal you can move on to the next. Don’t make the goal to easy, though, or you will have nothing to work hard toward. Find the perfect balance between realistic and unreasonably easy goals for your weight loss and fitness. This way your successes will help motivate your continued progress.

For example: It is unrealistic to lose 20 pounds in one week, but setting a weight loss goal of 2 pounds per month may not provide enough visible progress to maintain your motivation. A realistic and challenging goal allows you to see your success and will push you to achieve more.

Take the time to set specific weight loss goals. Instead of just saying that you want to get thin or healthy this year, plan exactly how much weight you want to lose or how many inches you want to drop. Make a plan and follow it. For instance, schedule in workout times and set weigh in dates. Jari Love and the Fitness Plus team can help you set those goals and stick to them. By being specific and setting challenging goals, you will find it much easier to be successful in the coming year.

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