Customize Your Workouts To Work For You

You’re not like anyone else and neither are your fitness needs. You may need to work harder on endurance, while your best friend may need to build strength or flexibility. Even within those categories, there are differences. You may be able to lift 50 pounds but want to build up to 100 pounds, while your best friend would love to be able to lift 50 pounds. The best way to meet your goals, focus on your fitness level, and address your needs is to customize your workouts.

You can try to do it on your own.

Identify your goals. Do you want to lose weight? Does your cardio need help? Decide what your goal is before you start. You have to determine your fitness level. Test it by exercising. Push yourself as far as you can. Make that your starting point. Aim for increasing your reps and sets little by little. Make your workout program complete by including endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility exercises. Your body requires all of them. If you have a special issue like a back problem, modify your exercise to accommodate it.

Besides exercise, you have to eat healthy.

What you eat makes a big difference in how fit you are. Some foods can slow your progress, while others energize you and help you get fitter faster. Creating a meal plan can help you stick with the program. You have it already made and ready to heat and serve. It also saves money since there’s no waste. You measure and pack servings when you make it, so there’s no guessing at calorie or carb intake. We can provide a meal plan that’s right for you. They are scientifically based to help you reach goals faster.

Let Team Jari help you.

We can provide personalized coaching. Team Jari provides the program that fits your needs. I design each workout for your fitness level. The program considers any special needs and your goals. It’s a custom-made program that includes nutrition counseling and meal planning specifically for your needs, taste, and weight goals. The meals are well-balanced, containing the nutrients you need to build strength and endurance. You’ll get expert advice with a flexible schedule that fits your needs.

  • My scientifically based program helps you reach your goals quickly. We also track your progress and hold you accountable. It’s customized and easy to follow.
  • Our scientific approach can help you achieve your goals faster and avoid many of the missteps that often occur. We’ll guide you with the best exercise program to get faster results.
  • Private training includes accountability. Knowing someone is checking your progress can keep you more focused and reduce the risk of skipping workouts or devouring junk food.
  • Whether you create your program or use my scientifically based program, get started and be consistent. You have to take the first step to make any progress. Consistency makes it a habit.

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