Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz

Christmas is my favorite time of year and it is almost here!  I just love spending time with friends and family and enjoying all the holiday festivities.  Not only do I love the atmosphere; I LOVE all the food!  With so many fabulous foods all around, it sure is hard to stay on track with diet and exercise.

Maybe if we knew ahead of time how many calories we were actually consuming, we’d think twice before going overboard.  Here’s a little test to help you prepare for the tastiest season of the year!

Think you know your stuff?  Let’s start with the nuts.  Peanuts, almonds, cashews; salted, sweetened and spiced – nuts are everywhere at Christmas!  I am a sucker for cashews – that is for sure!  It’s so easy to have a handful here, a handful there… and before you know it; you’ve consumed a days’ worth of calories before the main event!  So what do you think?


Christmas Quiz

1)  How many calories are in one cup of cashews?

A) 200

B) 450

C) 750

D) 1000


2)  How long would I have to run to burn off that cup of cashews?

A) 30 minutes

B) 60 minutes

C) 90 minutes

D) 120 minutes


3) How many calories will you save by eating light turkey meat vs the dark meat?

A) 30 calories

B) 50 calories

C) 100 calories

D) 200 calories


4) How many calories are in the average Christmas dinner without dessert or drinks?

A) 1000

B) 1500

C) 2000

D) 2500


5) How many calories does the average Christmas dinner have WITH dessert and alcohol?

A) 1000

B) 2000

C) 3000

D) 4000


6)  Which of the below has more calories?

A) 1 cup of mashed potatoes with gravy

B) 1 cup of homemade stuffing


7)   Which cheese has the fewest calories?

A) 1 oz of goat’s cheese

B) 1 oz of mozzarella

C) 1 oz of cheddar

D) 1 oz of Swiss


8)  How long do you think it would take to run off a single slice of pecan pie?

A) 30 minutes

B) 60 minutes

C) 90 minutes


9)  Which of these desserts do you think has the fewest calories?

A) 5 strawberries dipped in chocolate

B) 1 slice angel food cake and whipping cream

C) 1 cup apple crumble

D) 1 cup chocolate frozen yogurt ice cream

E) 1 slice strawberry shortcake


10)  How many calories are in 5 strawberries dipped in chocolate?

A) 150 calories

B) 200 calories

C) 250 calories

D) 300 calories

Before you check your answers – my best piece of advice it to have a plan!  It’s ok to indulge once in a while, it’s Christmas for heaven’s sake!  But try your best to stay on track with your workouts and good eating habits throughout the holidays so that you aren’t battling the bulge in the New Year!  Finding a balance is key.  If you know that you’ll be indulging that night, try to squeeze in a workout earlier in the day!  My Get RIPPED! in 6 Minutes DVD would be perfect because it allows you to fit in 6 minute workouts that can be done throughout the day!

Happy Holidays!

Answer Key

1)  Answer: C) 750 calories… go easy on the nuts!

2)  Answer: C) It would take about 90 minutes of running at 5 mph for 155lb person to burn that off.

3)  Answer: A) save about 30 calories

  • It’s actually less than you might think.  4 ounces of skinless white meat has about 158 calories vs. 4 ounces of skinless dark meat which has 185.

4)  Answer: D) 2500 calories

  • But that’s without any snacks or extras.  The average total consumption, even for kids, is closer to 6000 calories!

5)  Answer: C) 3000 calories

  • When you include turkey, stuffing, potatoes, dinner rolls, dessert and alcohol, you’re taking in almost a full pound!

6)  Answer: B) homemade stuffing

  • It’s a close call, but generally speaking, stuffing has a few more calories per serving.

7)  Answer: B) mozzarella

8) Answer: B) 60 minutes

  • With 1 piece of pecan pie averaging 500 calories, it would take a 155lb person about one hour of jogging at 5 mph to burn off that piece of pie.

9)  Answer: B) Angel food cake – 137 calories

10)   Answer: A) 250 calories or 50 calories each