Best Workouts For Depression

The lack of sunshine and cold weather in Calgary, Canada, triggers a lot of requests from clients to create workouts for depression. First, let’s address how exercise helps lift depression. It helps boost your cognitive functioning and stimulates circulation sending more nutrient and oxygen rich blood to the brain. It also burns off stress hormones. Stress hormones signal various parts of the body to prepare to run or fight. They also can create a mental fog if not destroyed by doing one of those two things. Exercise burns them off with actions that simulate either running or fighting.

Therapists actually use exercise as an adjunct therapy.

For people that are anxious or depressed, studies show that working out helps relieve the problem. In fact, sometimes it does it without the need for medication. One study showed that even moderate exercise done several times a week can get excellent results. Besides burning off stress hormones, it aids the brain in creating new brain cells, a process called neurogenesis. That improves the brain’s performance and also helps memory, so it’s good for fighting dementia and mental decline. Exercise also triggers the creation of hormones that make you feel good.

Get moving and get happy.

Studies show that the best types of exercises to lift depression tend to be aerobic types of exercise. Cardio activities include, swimming, dancing, riding a bike, walking, jogging and dance. One of my DVDs that people have raved about to boost their mood is Get Extremely Ripped! Body Rock. It’s easy to understand why. It has plenty of cardio, with dance segments, plus a mix of body Sculpting and ab exercises. Most of all, it’s fun to do.

Exercise improves your self-esteem.

Studies show that simply starting an exercise program can change your self-image, even before there are any changes to your body. Just imagine how it makes you feel when you do see those changes. Exercise also improves your posture. Having better posture not only makes you look more confident, it makes you feel more confident, too. While strength-building exercises are not as effective for depression, they do make you feel strong. That feeling of strength, combined with the confidence you build can diminish depression and anxiety.

  • If you’re suffering from severe depression, always seek the help of a mental health professional or your health care professional first. For anyone having those occasional bad days, a healthy diet and regular exercise can help limit the effect on your mood.
  • Social interaction and friendship is great for mental health. Get a workout buddy and exercise together. You’ll not only find it helps motivate you to stick with a workout schedule and work harder, you’ll have fun doing it, too.
  • Your body should never dictate whether you like yourself or not or whether you have worth. Never let anyone convince you of that. You should love your body and want to take care of it. A healthy diet and regular exercise is one way of doing it.
  • No matter what type of workout program you choose, you’ll burn calories and feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. All my videos, especially those with workouts that burn a high amount of calories, can help you do that and you’ll have a wide variety of workouts from which to choose.

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