Get RIPPED!® Workout Video


A no-nonsense body-sculpting workout that features long sets of high repetitions to build both endurance and definition. Similar to gym-style “Body Pump” classes, the driving instrumental music is integral to the workout — it’s carefully programmed to keep you on-pace and motivated (it’s not just “background music”). Jari makes these classic routines interesting and effective by varying the tempo, changing the angles or adding subtle modifications. Throughout, the emphasis is breath, proper form and using the correct weight level for each movement (e.g. heavier for biceps, lighter for shoulders). Requires several sets of dumbbells, barbells and a step or weight bench. A stability ball is optional.


  • 55 minute workout


  • Techniques and modifications to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each exercise.
  • Cory Fagan, BPE MSc, interview on the science behind Get RIPPED!

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