Jari Love’s New & Improved RIPPED! DVD Rotations (PDF Download)


Time to REV up your routine! With the release of Get Extremely RIPPED! and Get Extremely RIPPED! 1000, the time has come to publish Jari Love’s New & Improved RIPPED! DVD Rotations. This new and improved set of workout plans includes monthly routines for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers. Using all 7 of Jari Love’s hit videos, you’ll be able to shake things up and burst out of plateaus! Using the expert advice from an exercise physiologist, Jari Love’s New & Improved RIPPED! Rotations will show you how to mix cardio workouts and all the phases of RIPPED! into effective monthly cycles that match your fitness level. Learn how to exercise smarter and build strength, stamina and reach your fitness goals. Also included is important information about heart rate zones, training FAQ’s and a cardio chart to track your workouts. With more information, advice and detail, you are sure to benefit from the content of this guide. Enhance your RIPPED! Workout Collection and start training like a pro today!