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Running for Weight Loss?

Running for weight loss? Although we’ll agree that any exercise is good exercise, there are a lot of myths attached to walking and running. For[…]

Explaining Eating Gluten Free

If you have just started eating gluten free, you’ve probably been encountering a lot of questions. While the phrase “gluten free” is much more in[…]

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Spinach and Poached Egg Crostini

Spinach and Poached Egg Crostini

Eggs Benedict get a makeover with this spinach and poached egg crostini! Low heat is the key to making perfect poached eggs, and low-fat sour[…]

best exercise

The Best Exercise?

It’s always interesting when a client asks me to pin down a single best exercise as the one that will help lose the most fat[…]

Homemade Chicken Soup

Homemade Chicken Soup

This homemade chicken soup recipe is made without added carbs like noodles or potatoes. It’s filled with fiber, protein and lots of delicious flavor. Enjoy![…]

Healthy Fast Food

Healthy Fast Food?

Healthy fast food? Sounds too good to be true, right? Fast food has a reputation for being high in trans fat, saturated fat, sodium, and[…]

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  • Laurie Fownes Jari Love Success Story

    Laurie Fownes

    Since starting the Get RIPPED! program in 2004, I have surpassed all of my personal fitness goals! I have always had a passion for athletics and I have been involved with group sporting activities for most of my life.However, I had always trained ‘harder’ not necessarily ‘smarter’! For the last ten years, I had focused […]

  • Karen Nimchuk_Jari Love Success Story

    Karen Nimchuk

    I am officially down 14.7 lbs. For the first time in nearly 20 years I can say that I’m starting to like what I see in the mirror. I’ve been very shy about “telling my story” because I’ve tried it all – Weight watchers, the gym, personal trainer, you name it. But RIPPED! is different. […]

  • Karen McGrath_Jari Love Success Story

    Karen McGrath

    I have lost 57 lbs and counting! How did I do it? Let me tell you. I originally started with changes in my diet but then found that I got stuck at a certain weight and couldn’t lose any more. I was on a month long plateau, so I called Jari, since I was doing […]


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