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Get RIPPED!® in 6 Minutes



Join Jari Love, creator of the critically acclaimed Get RIPPED!® Series, for an innovative new workout that will burn fat, help you lose weight and sculpt lean muscle. Each six-minute track features back-to-back double-duty calorie burning exercises with active recovery, so that your heart rate stays elevated and you shed fat fast! All exercises scientifically tested on a metabolic cart. You can choose to do this same workout in different ways – 1 full hour or break it up into three – 20 mins or two – 30 mins workouts depending on your schedule each day.

With this DVD (2 discs in one jewel case) you get this workout in 6 different lengths for your convenience in a format of 6 sets of 16 reps of exercise with active recovery. So depending on your schedule you can select the length you want to work out each day.

Disc one INCLUDES:

  • 1-60 min workout
  • BONUS Feature– “The Unhealthy Epidemic” with Chronic Disease Management Specialist Mary Mather, RN, BSc, BScN
  • BONUS Feature -Chapters – exercises broken into sections so that you can pick and choose

Disc two – INCLUDES:

  • 30 min workout
  • 20 min workout

With easy to follow patterns and modifiable moves, you can achieve your best body ever and have fun while doing it. A set of light and medium hand weights (3-8lbs) and a step (optional) is required for this workout.