I started this journey because I simply got lazy! I lost about 40 lbs nine years ago and have kept it off. I fell into some old habits and developed some new ones that caused me to gain about 10 lbs over the last year. I felt awful and hated looking in the mirror.  Everything was too tight and I did not feel comfortable.I was still working out-some cardio and Ripped workouts each week but obviously not enough intensity and was not watching my diet.  I added in the food groups of “wine and cheese” and “sugar” to my food plans and the weight found its way back!  I knew I needed a “kick in the butt” and to be accountable for getting back on track and there it was – Get RIPPED!® Bootcamp 2010!  I was on board from the moment I saw it and knew this was the answer.  I was a big fan of Jari’s already and loved the videos so this was just the perfect fit for me.

    Since we started, I am down 19 lbs and have lost almost 10 inches.  That does not include inches lost on my bust (it wasn’t on my chart that is in our notes!) but I’m pretty sure I have lost 2-3 inches in that area.  So probably about 12 inches overall.  I feel great albeit more tired and a little sore here and there, but great none the less.  I look forward to my classes and have not missed any.  The key for me has been the diet.  I use the sheets that we received at the first seminar in our packages and just keep copying more.  I write down everything and plan my meals every night.  I am now addicted to yogurt, protein and berries!

    I know I will do another Get RIPPED!® Bootcamp to continue toning and just getting into the best shape of my life!  I have also reacquainted myself with previous eating patterns and exercise that I used to incorporate as well as new ideas for meals that I will carry forward to stay on tract.

    Skinnier and feeling great!

    Karen Gloss